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Print this page (if it's not wanting to print for you, send me an email and I will send it to you as an attachment), complete & initial each item; then sign the bottom and submit with your photographs.

Name: ____________________________________________________

Mailing Address: ____________________________________________

  City: __________________________State:______ Zip:___________

E-mail: ____________________________________________________

Phone: __________________________Best time to call: ___________

Project Deadline: _______________ Album/Page Size:_____________
Deadlines will be accommodated when possible based on Isabel's Homemade Memories/Isabel Lawrence's production schedule, an additional charge may be applied to extreme rush orders.  Please call or email me so we can discuss my availability schedule.

Special Instructions (please note instructions specific to a batch of photos/layout with that batch/page)


Use this chart to plan your pages/layouts if you like . . . note the first and last page in an album is a single page . . . if you leave this blank I will design layouts that I feel best showcase your photographs.

 Page #   #photos on page    Right Side
Layout #  
Left Side
Layout #
 Colors to use  


   Title Page None  


20   None Last Page  

Read the following provisions carefully.  By initialing each item and signing the agreement you accept and agree all items covered.  If you do not agree to ALL items, call me so we can reach an agreement.  This agreement is so that we both are well aware of what is expected, and there is absolutely no disappointment in the end.

1.  I understand that all items to be included in my custom designed scrapbook (photographs, memorabilia, etc.) will be permanently mounted using only products labeled by reputable companies as 'acid free', 'archival quality', and/or 'lignin free', and Isabel's Homemade Memories is not liable for manufacturer claims.  Initial: _____

2.  I understand that in the event photos and/or memorabilia provided are damaged by fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, theft, auto accident, or other unavoidable disaster while in Isabel's Homemade Memories/Isabel Lawrence's possession . . . Isabel's Homemade Memories is only liable for the cost of reprinting photos from negatives I have.  In the event of irreplaceable photos or memorabilia are damaged, I agree not to hold Isabel's Homemade Memories liable. initial:__________

3.  I understand photos and memorabilia specified for nonpermanent mounting will be placed in the album with photo-safe corners, or in memorabilia pockets, and there is an extra charge for creating custom sized protectors. Initial:______

4.  I understand that photos and memorabilia may be trimmed during the design/creative process. Initial:____________

5.  I understand Isabel's Homemade Memories/Isabel Lawrence, requires payment in full for the custom package I've chosen, or a reasonable guesstimated number of pages at the time this contract and photos are submitted in order to begin the job.  Payments made with personal checks will require my project to be held until the check clears the bank: Initial:___________

6.  I understand that any unused product purchased from Isabel's Homemade Memories scrapbook store or I submitted with my photos will be returned to me with my completed pages/album unless I've instructed they be held for future projects or donated to a local charity.  Initial: ______

7.  I understand that if the method of delivery is via a shipper it will be through a reputable shipping service (USPS, UPS, FedEx) -  insured, registered and requiring proof of delivery when delivered.  I will be emailed the tracking number when it ships.  I understand Isabel's Homemade Memories/Isabel Lawrence is not responsible for damage caused by the shipping agent . . . claims will be made direct to the shipper. Initials:____

8.  I understand that all efforts available will be made to ensure satisfaction of my completed album/page.  Because I am requesting a CUSTOM - Individualized - Service,  I understand I cannot return a completed project for a full refund. Initial:______

9.  I understand that there will be "NO" copies made of my album, pages, photographs, memorabilia, etc. & can be shown only on Isabel's Homemade Memories website in the photo/layout gallery. Initial:_____________

10.  I understand that every effort will be made by Isabel's Homemade Memories/Isabel Lawrence, to complete the specified project by the deadline date, and I will receive progress reports as the job is being completed.  Initial:_______________

11.  I understand that Isabel Lawrence, is the Design Artist and I cannot claim the designs, or any part thereof, as my own creation.  I also understand that I cannot submit them for publication, contests, sell or publish them, or any part thereof, on any website/publication/etc without permission from Isabel Lawrence, Designer or as my own design. Initial:________

12.  I understand all returned checks must be rectified with either a valid credit card # to charge, pay pal address to invoice, or a money order within 7 days along with an additional $25.00 (per check) fee; or the check will be turned over to the proper authorities for legal collection. Any legal costs will be at my (client) expense. Initial: ____

By my signature below, I agree to hire Isabel's Homemade Memories/Isabel Lawrence's Custom Scrapbook Design Service and accept the terms that I've read, understood and initialed.  This agreement can only be changed/amended in writing and signed by both parties.

Client signature: ________________________________Date:_______

Designer Signature:______________________________Date:_______
                          Isabel Lawrence/Isabel's Homemade Memories

Please call me at 406-245-4514 if you have any questions or concerns, or just want to talk to me before you send me your precious photographs and memories.

Payment/Order Form


1.  Album/Page size:  Circle One  12x12    8˝x11    6x6    8x8
2.  Complete Package name: ____________________________ $_______________
3.  Total Price for additional or single pages = # pgs ___ X price this price does not include album $_______________
4.  Special ordered from Web-Store--Order # ______________ don't forget to purchase an album if you don't already have one and are ordering single pages. $_______________
TOTAL PRICE Enclosed $_______________

Check/Money Order enclosed: ___________________

PayPal Address for me to send you a PayPal invoice for payment:

Credit Card Payment Authorization    
Type--circle one:  MasterCard   Visa   Discover  American Express

Card Number: ______________________________________________
Expiration: ____________________ CSV: _____________________

Name card: _______________________________________________

Complete credit card billing address if different from above:

I authorize Isabel's Homemade Memories to charge my credit card number above for the custom scrapbook  I've hired Isabel to design.

Signature : ________________________________ Date:________
  (credit payment authorization is subject to credit approval)

I look forward to designing custom scrapbook albums/pages in helping you preserve your family's photographs & memorabilia.

Isabel Lawrence,
Design Artist

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