I am Isabel Lawrence, the owner and custom scrapbook designer/artist of Isabel's Scrapbook Store & Scrapbook Design Service. I opened my store in September 1993 out of my love for scrapbooking, genealogy, and my dream of wanting to help others preserve their photos and memories at an affordable price.  My dream grew into my Scrapbook Retail Store & Custom Scrapbook Design Service.

I opened my store with the intentions of providing only the highest quality scrapbook products available to ensure photos would be placed in the safest possible environment.  I wanted to provide a wide variety of products (embellishments, stickers, albums, tools, etc.) that could not be found locally at a price everyone could afford.

The store is a place for everyone from beginner's learning how to use tools, types of papers, layouts and album sizes to advanced scrapbookers and papercrafters wanting to learn new techniques or unique ways to display/preserve your photographs and memories. Size of classes range from one-on-one to a group.